Five Reasons to use Cisco’s Den to Board Your Dog:


Every Night Your Dog Stays with Us Helps Save Another Dogs Life!

Proceeds from Cisco's Den go to DMK Rehoming, a no-kill dog rescue.
DMK rescues dogs across the country, providing shelter, medical care, and adoption services for dogs in need. Rescue dogs are kept off-site, and only the dogs with a clean bill of health are brought to the separate rescue portion of our facility.



Safe Environment for Your Dog

Rescue dogs are isolated and given a full examination by a Veterinarian before coming to the shelter. Our shelter is separated from the kennel.
Because we are a rescue shelter *and* kennel, we take every precaution to ensure that your dog will be healthy and happy.  Our rescue dogs are kept off site until they receive a full examination by Animal Health Care Specialists and only come to the shelter if they are in good health.



Great Facility

Cisco's Den was built with dogs in mind. Spacious dog runs, large kennels with room to play, and indoor and outdoor play yards
While you are away, your dog will have a great time. Our facility is a vacation for your dog. Our staff makes sure they get plenty of time to play, the best food available, and plenty of love and attention. Your dog will be happy here.



Best Rates in Town!

We boast some of the lowest rates for doggie daycare and boarding services in town
We keep our prices low and offer a range of holiday specials. Also, sign up to our Cisco’s Den rewards program and get free nights, free upgrades, and earn rewards the more you board your dog with us!




We've added every convenience we can think of to make your experience with us positive!
We provide Shuttle services to DIA, paperless drop-offs after the first visit, fast service, rewards programs for our repeat visitors, holiday packages,  airport parking, grooming for your dog, and many other amenities to make doing business with us convenient.



We will keep your dog happy and content while you are away!

We want your dog to have just as much fun as you do. Your dog will miss you, but we will make sure he/she still has a good time. Whether they want to play with the other dogs, be by themselves, or receive the love and affection they are used to getting, we’ll make sure they are as happy as they can be.

Our dedicated staff does not just watch the kennel, they pay attention to the pups to make sure they get what they need. We make sure never to over book, leaving plenty of room for your dog.  You can decorate their kennel with their favorite toys, or let us provide some new ones. We have the experience and love for dogs to know what they need to be content while you are away.

In a hurry to the Airport? Don’t worry, we’ll have everything ready to go, and you won’t have to wait. Located right off E-470 and 6th Ave. Parkway we will have all the forms you need ready to go. Take a few minutes to view our site and our rates.